Busan to Daegu

south korea

On Sunday the 21st of March

was the voyage back to Pyeongtaek.

Emily had to go to Daegu to go back to her town so I figured I’d make a pit stop and spend a few hours in Daegu.

We punched in the station on Naver and followed the route to the KTX. The bus only took about 45 minutes to get to the KTX so it was relaxing after a long night.

Once we got to the station, we both found a ticket kiosk and bought a ticket for our final destination.

Actually, mine wasn’t the final destination but it was the easiest and kind of cheapest option. I booked my ticket from Dongdaegu to CheonanAsan for ₩29,300.

After securing our spots, we were able to freely roam around Daegu.

I had this spot on my Naver maps saved that was on my Korea bucket list so we ventured there. The place is called “Truly Baker.” In Naver it is Teurulli Baker so at first I had no idea what the name of the place was.

We took the bus there and then from the bus stop it was about a five minute walk.

The bagels were fresh. I got two because why not. I also got a vanilla milkshake. YUM.

For my first bagel, I got the rainbow one with plain cream cheese. Emily got the jalapeño nut cream cheese and convinced me, which didn’t really take that much convincing.

The second one was an onion bagel with the jalapeño nut cream cheese. The first one was definitely better but that’s cause I’m more of a plain cream cheese kinda person. I also got some bagels to go.

After carb loading, we just strolled around the city. We saw this Ferris wheel from far away and had to go.

The walk was about twenty minutes and then we made it to Spark Land! Spark Land is basically a mini amusement park on top of a building. Pretty cool.

The Ferris wheel was only ₩5,000 and lasted a little less than ten minutes! It went sooo high. I had never been on a Ferris wheel before so that was exhilarating. I was also a bit terrified, but I’d do it again.

After the Ferris wheel, we walked to the KTX which was luckily about ten minutes away. We went our separate ways. I took the KTX to CheonanAsan and squeezed a little nap during the hour ride. Since the CheonanAsan and Asan Station are connected it was an easy walk to Line 1.

From Asan Station to Pyeongtaek it’s only seven stops away and it took only a half hour. At AK Plaza I took the bus home and had a restful sleep.

⬆️ onion bagel with jalapeño nut cream cheese, me (definitely not freaking out) on the Ferris wheel, rainbow bagel!! milkshake 💕

View some videos of my trip here 😃