A Weekend Filled With Seoul

south korea


One of the girls that I met when I went to Busan, Rosa, was staying in Seoul one weekend cause she was going back to Chicago. We made last minute plans to hangout. I took the bus from Anjung to SouthSeoul early at 9am on Saturday April 3rd. The ticket was only ₩7600 and I got to Seoul Nambu at 10:45. Not too bad.

It ended up raining all day Saturday, which put a damper on things. No pun intended. Haha. Nambu is in such a great area, right near the Metro line and Rosa’s Airbnb was less than a 10 minute walk from the station.

We made plans to meet in Itaewon and get brunch. I punched in Summer Lane in Naver and was off. I walked out of the station and hopped on line 3 on the orange then transferred to line 6 on the brown.

Summer Lane was an adorable brunch spot. Naver was off by a little, but I made it. I got a Bloody Mary and an espresso martini (my first time in Korea!!!).

After brunch we both decided we needed a fresh look. We found a hair salon close by and called. Luckily, they took us in. For some reason they charged her ₩33,000, which is what the lady said on the phone. I was charged ₩44,000. I was confused, but ’tis life.

After our hair cuts, we went to see where the Old DanBam was from the Kdrama Itaewon Class. Better pictures will be in my next post since it wasn’t raining the next day 😆 In Naver or Kakao Map, you can just type in Seoul Bam and the restaurant will pop up. Although it was raining, it was still amusing.

The Old DanBam

After seeing the famous spot, we ventured off to Gangnam and went to the Line and Kakao stores!!!! YAY. They are right next to each other, so convenient. The Kakao store has Ryan Cafe on the top floor. It’s a pretty cool set up. Since Thailand, for some reason I’ve been obsessed with the Line sticker Brown so I bought a few things there.

Brown 💜

After taking photos and spending a few thousand Won (souvenirs pictured below), we walked around and found a Dublin pub 💕 We stayed there and got some food and drinks then met up with her friend and just chilled at Billy Angel Cake Company for a bit. It was still raining.

We just went back to her place and knocked out.

Safe to say I checked a few things off my Korea bucket list that day.