Bukchon Hanok Village

south korea
Yummy bread before our meal
We got a whole head of lettuce LOL

The week that I was in Gimpo was filled with great memories.

On the Tuesday that I was there, since Jules had to work Monday-Wednesday, I ventured off on my own on those days. I also had the pleasure of meeting one of Jules’ friends that lives near Seoul.

She planned a cute day and we had loads of fun.

I hopped on the gold line at Unyang station and then went to the purple line. It took about an hour and a half to meet her friend in Jongno.

We walked around for a bit and there were a bunch of restaurants.

The roads where the restaurants were were narrow and adorable!

Mocchi & persimmon tea

We tried going into a few of the restaurants, but they had a break from 3-5pm.

We ended up finding an Italian place and it was delicious!

After eating, we walked around some more.

We ended up finding a store where we rented Hanboks! We picked out Hanboks, got our hair done and also rented a locker all for ₩25,000 (~$25). The owner was also so nice. We were able to walk around the village and take pictures for two hours.


The lockers had notes written on them from a few months ago. People wrote where they were from. People visited from the US, Thailand and some other places.

We wandered about and walked the streets of the village. It was amazing.

On our journey through the village, we hiked our way up to Cha-teul Cafe and took more pictures.

We sat and drank some tea and ate some mocchi. I’ve only tried frozen mocchi and never liked it but real mocchi was AMAAAZING.

The server was genial. He told us to go and take pictures while the sun was setting.

That’s when our second photo shoot came into play.

We found a great spot that showed the city. We walked up there for a bit.

Then, we found another spot where there were mountains in the background. Amazing.

It was such a nice day out and the sunset was beautiful (pictured below). We took some photos and then went back to drink some tea.

We were right near the store where we rented the hanboks from. It only took about ten minutes to hike back down the hills to return our Hanboks.

The village is so close to Seoul and there are buses everywhere so it is easily accessible.

That day was so much fun!