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Maeklong Railway Market

On one of the days that we were let out early, Christina and I hopped on the ferry near the fish market and began our journey to Samut Songkhram. From the Mahachai Pier, we took a ferry to Tha Chalom Pier. From Tha Chalom, we made our way to the Ban Laem train stop. ItContinue reading “Maeklong Railway Market”

Bukchon Hanok Village

The week that I was in Gimpo was filled with great memories. On the Tuesday that I was there, since Jules had to work Monday-Wednesday, I ventured off on my own on those days. I also had the pleasure of meeting one of Jules’ friends that lives near Seoul. She planned a cute day andContinue reading “Bukchon Hanok Village”

Wat Sam Phran

The 17 story dragon temple is in Amphoe Sam Phran in Nakhon Pathom Province. It is located north of Samut Sakhon so it was only a few hundred Baht and an hour-ish Grab ride away from us. It’s also about 26 miles (~41km) from Bangkok. On a hot November Sunday, we made our way there.Continue reading “Wat Sam Phran”

Weddings in Thailand

During my ten wonderful months in Thailand, I got to go to two weddings. You can invite whoever to the wedding up until the day which is pretty cool. Sometimes the weddings also have themes. We didn’t have a theme for the first one. A previous employee came to our school one day and invitedContinue reading “Weddings in Thailand”


My 26th birthday in 2019 was my favorite birthday to this day. The Friday night before my birthday, we started off at Mahachai Jaidee (of course). My birthday is on September 28th and that year it was on a Saturday, so it worked out pretty well. We stayed at Jaidee until after midnight. They gotContinue reading “Ayutthaya”

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