A Weekend Filled With Seoul

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One of the girls that I met when I went to Busan, Rosa, was staying in Seoul one weekend cause she was going back to Chicago. We made last minute plans to hangout. I took the bus from Anjung to SouthSeoul early at 9am on Saturday April 3rd. The ticket was only ₩7600 and I got to Seoul Nambu at 10:45. Not too bad.

It ended up raining all day Saturday, which put a damper on things. No pun intended. Haha. Nambu is in such a great area, right near the Metro line and Rosa’s Airbnb was less than a 10 minute walk from the station.

We made plans to meet in Itaewon and get brunch. I punched in Summer Lane in Naver and was off. I walked out of the station and hopped on line 3 on the orange then transferred to line 6 on the brown.

Summer Lane was an adorable brunch spot. Naver was off by a little, but I made it. I got a Bloody Mary and an espresso martini (my first time in Korea!!!).

After brunch we both decided we needed a fresh look. We found a hair salon close by and called. Luckily, they took us in. For some reason they charged her ₩33,000, which is what the lady said on the phone. I was charged ₩44,000. I was confused, but ’tis life.

After our hair cuts, we went to see where the Old DanBam was from the Kdrama Itaewon Class. Better pictures will be in my next post since it wasn’t raining the next day 😆 In Naver or Kakao Map, you can just type in Seoul Bam and the restaurant will pop up. Although it was raining, it was still amusing.

The Old DanBam

After seeing the famous spot, we ventured off to Gangnam and went to the Line and Kakao stores!!!! YAY. They are right next to each other, so convenient. The Kakao store has Ryan Cafe on the top floor. It’s a pretty cool set up. Since Thailand, for some reason I’ve been obsessed with the Line sticker Brown so I bought a few things there.

Brown 💜

After taking photos and spending a few thousand Won (souvenirs pictured below), we walked around and found a Dublin pub 💕 We stayed there and got some food and drinks then met up with her friend and just chilled at Billy Angel Cake Company for a bit. It was still raining.

We just went back to her place and knocked out.

Safe to say I checked a few things off my Korea bucket list that day.

Busan to Daegu

south korea

On Sunday the 21st of March

was the voyage back to Pyeongtaek.

Emily had to go to Daegu to go back to her town so I figured I’d make a pit stop and spend a few hours in Daegu.

We punched in the station on Naver and followed the route to the KTX. The bus only took about 45 minutes to get to the KTX so it was relaxing after a long night.

Once we got to the station, we both found a ticket kiosk and bought a ticket for our final destination.

Actually, mine wasn’t the final destination but it was the easiest and kind of cheapest option. I booked my ticket from Dongdaegu to CheonanAsan for ₩29,300.

After securing our spots, we were able to freely roam around Daegu.

I had this spot on my Naver maps saved that was on my Korea bucket list so we ventured there. The place is called “Truly Baker.” In Naver it is Teurulli Baker so at first I had no idea what the name of the place was.

We took the bus there and then from the bus stop it was about a five minute walk.

The bagels were fresh. I got two because why not. I also got a vanilla milkshake. YUM.

For my first bagel, I got the rainbow one with plain cream cheese. Emily got the jalapeño nut cream cheese and convinced me, which didn’t really take that much convincing.

The second one was an onion bagel with the jalapeño nut cream cheese. The first one was definitely better but that’s cause I’m more of a plain cream cheese kinda person. I also got some bagels to go.

After carb loading, we just strolled around the city. We saw this Ferris wheel from far away and had to go.

The walk was about twenty minutes and then we made it to Spark Land! Spark Land is basically a mini amusement park on top of a building. Pretty cool.

The Ferris wheel was only ₩5,000 and lasted a little less than ten minutes! It went sooo high. I had never been on a Ferris wheel before so that was exhilarating. I was also a bit terrified, but I’d do it again.

After the Ferris wheel, we walked to the KTX which was luckily about ten minutes away. We went our separate ways. I took the KTX to CheonanAsan and squeezed a little nap during the hour ride. Since the CheonanAsan and Asan Station are connected it was an easy walk to Line 1.

From Asan Station to Pyeongtaek it’s only seven stops away and it took only a half hour. At AK Plaza I took the bus home and had a restful sleep.

⬆️ onion bagel with jalapeño nut cream cheese, me (definitely not freaking out) on the Ferris wheel, rainbow bagel!! milkshake 💕

View some videos of my trip here 😃

Thai Food

Som Tam from Two Ladies

This has been one of my favorite posts to write. I miss Thailand and its food.

We ate gooood while we lived there. Most of the time we ate Thai food but every so often, we’d go to a western-ish/international restaurant and splurge.

I would just like to start off in saying that I cannot believe I had never tried Thai food before going to Thailand. I was missing out!!!

Thai food is not the same everywhere which is sad. When I got it in the US it didn’t taste the same.

The spelling was always different everywhere we went because the English alphabet doesn’t the have exact translations for their vowels and consonants. I’ve noticed that here in South Korea as well.

Pad Thai from a restaurant near our school

Some Thai words that we learned were:

  • Ma Muang = mango
  • Kai = egg
  • Mangsawerat (mang-sa-wee-rot) = vegetarian
  • Khao = rice
  • Goong/Koong = shrimp
  • Pad = stir fry
  • Pak = vegetable
  • Chai Po = turnip
  • Som Tam = papaya salad
  • Boong = water spinach
  • Tang Mo = watermelon
Pad see ew & pad kra row goong with chai jiew

Whenever we’d go out to eat, we’d usually get the same dishes. Christina and I only ate fish so we had to learn our way around the menus in our town.

Pad Thai from Haven Outdoorism

The Thai dishes that we’d get:

One of the meals after a day of fishing!
  • Pad Thai
  • Khao Pad Kai (egg fried rice)
  • Khao Pad Pak (vegetable fried rice)
  • Pad Hoi Lai (clams)
  • Kai Jiew Chai Po (egg omelet with Chinese radish)
  • Pla Pao (grilled fish)
  • Khao Soi (spicy coconut curry)
  • Yum Kai Dow (Thai fried egg salad: egg, raw onion, tomato, lime juice and fish sauce)
  • Pad Kra Prow (spicy veggie rice)
  • Tom Yum Goong (shrimp tom yum)
  • Pad Pongali Goong (shrimp yellow curry)
  • Khao Niaow Ma Muang (mango sticky rice).

My all time favorite dish was Som Tam. It was spicy, sweet and somewhat healthy. It had garlic and tomatoes in it which are two of my favs.

We stumbled upon this yummy place towards the end of our Mahachai days.

I got som tam ped nid noi (a little spicy) almost every single day at school for the cheap price of ฿25. Whenever I would walk in the line in the cafeteria, the lady wouldn’t even say anything, she’d just start making it.

My last plate of som tam made me emotional. I was obsessed with it. Sometimes I’d have it twice or three times a day.

My friend Mo ended up getting me a mortar before I visited home in October. I tried to make it and it just wasn’t the same.

Number 8 food! Miss it 💕

Pad see ew was another mouthwatering dish. It was one of the first dishes that I had in Thailand.

Khao Soi

⬆️ top left: pad pongali goong, pad pak boong, pla pao, ma kheu (some type of eggplant dish), pad hoi lai

Sometimes we’d go to Khod Tim Cafe after a scrumptious dinner and get some of their delish ice cream. Whenever we’d get a craving for something sweet, we’d go there.

The Michelin restaurant that was called Ruean Panya Restaurant was close to Christina’s apartment. I don’t even remember what we got but it was a lot of seafood. Some of it was okay and some we were like uhhhh what is this??

Michelin star pictures ⬆️

From top left: khao niaow ma muang (mango sticky rice), roti, fruit cart, pad pak boong, kai jiew chai po

There were dessert cafes at every corner in Mahachai. Our friends Smart and Namkang took us to one and we got some ice cream and sweet stuff.

There were also fruit carts and one bag of fruit was usually about ฿20-30. I’d usually get tang mo 🍉

I really cannot wait to go to Thailand again and shove my face with all of the delicious food!! Once Covid is over, it will be the first place I visit!

A Night In Busan

south korea
How beautiful??
This hurts my heart

One of the girl’s named Nicole that I met through a Facebook group before coming to Korea invited me to her friend’s Rosa’s going away dinner in Busan one weekend.

We all got our TEFL from International TEFL Academy (ITA) so it was going to be a dinner with ITA peeps. ITA is pretty cool. They have Facebook groups and many other helpful resources on their website even after you get your certification.

On the 19th of March, I booked my SRT ticket from Jije Station to Busan for ₩45000. It was difficult. I tried to use my jetBlue card but then realized that I have to use my Korean card. I still had a hard time so I called and the dude helped me buy one. It’s interesting cause you can’t buy a ticket over the phone.. Luckily, for my ignorant self, the guy spoke good English. He told me you have to use the passcode that you use for the ATM. It’s nice but also frustrating at how secure the bank accounts are here.

On the 20th I took the 810 bus to Jije Station Suseo Pyeongtaek Gosokseon (express railroad) for ₩1650 and it took about 25 minutes. I walked up to the ticket booth and showed the guy a picture of my purchase on my phone and he printed my ticket out for me.

The station was nice. It had a 7/11 and a cute little cafe.

I went down and took the 313 to Busan. I got one of the early trains thinking I could explore Busan before our meetup. Little did I know the weather would change my plans.

I ended up in Busan around 10:30am and had a few hours to kill. I walked to a Subway that was about 20 minutes away from the station cause I was starving.

After Subway, I took the bus to where our hostel was located. It took about 45 minutes. Myself and two of the other girls booked a hostel for ₩12000 for the night. SO CHEAP. It was called Kimchee Guesthouse in Haeundae and it was super cute and had a nice little sitting area right when you walked in.

While I was waiting for the others so I took a little stroll and ended up going to Coffeesmith. It was only about a ten minute walk to the hostel from there.

Mermaid Statue

Once Rosa arrived, we left our bags at the hostel and went to grab something to eat. We found this sushi place near the beach. It was one of those sushi restaurants that has a display that spins around and you pick whatever plate you want and at the end of your meal the server adds up the colored plates and that’s how much your food is. So convenient.

We finished right around check-in time- 4pm- so we went back to the hostel and checked in. Then the third girl, Emily, arrived.

We walked around for a bit to kill time. We went to the mall and Starbucks.

We ended up meeting with the others around 8pm at this YUMMY pizza place called SOL in Gwangali. The pizza was actually pizza and not sweet in any way!!! Since they only allow four people per table, two of the girls sat at another table.

I tried a New York Lager and another one that I can’t remember. The place was cheap. Me and Nicole split a pizza and I think we ended up paying ₩20000 each? Plus the beers were around ₩8000-10000.

After the pizza, we walked along the beach. It was such a nice night. We tried going into this other bar but it was too full. Soooo, we hopped on the subway back to Haundae and found a bar over there. It was an Irish pub 💚 so you know what that means! Jameson.

We stayed there for a bit and chatted a lot. It was nice to be able to sit at a bar and drink and talk to people again! Felt like the pre-Covid days. Ahhhh.

Rosa and I were walking out of the pub to go back to our hostel when we saw these people go and sit with the others so we went back in. Turned out they were from Spain and they work here. They weren’t teachers but I forget what their jobs were.

Our night/morning ended at 3am. I haven’t had one of THOSE nights since Thailand and it just made me feel all good inside. Mingling and hanging out with people. It felt great.

Rosa ended up heading back to her town early the next morning. Emily and I woke up around 8am? How??? I do not know. We got ready and checked out and then went to find some breakfast. We walked along Haeundae Beach trying to find something to eat. It was very odd that there weren’t any restaurants along the beach. Naver/Kakao Maps didn’t show any so we didn’t know where else to go. McDonald’s ended up being the winner. While eating breakfast, I decided that I’d tag along and go to Daegu for the day. We booked our ticket for ₩12600 each and finished our meal.

After McDonald’s, we walked back to the beach and ended up finding a Lighthouse Observatory and Mermaid Statue. The observatory was beautiful!!! We didn’t walk down to the statue because there were people taking pictures and we had limited time. We walked to the closest bus station and we were on our way to Daegu.

Safe to say my night in Busan was a success.

Doksanseong Fortress

south korea
Bojeoksa Temple
Ammun Gate

Drainage hole

Doksanseong Fortress Forest Park

is right in the middle of Osan and Suwon.

From Anjung, I took bus 80 to AK Plaza.

I hopped on the Korail to Sema station. I make it sound easy but it actually took me a bit because I went the wrong way. It wasn’t completely my fault…Naver told me to go to Line 1, so I did. Then I saw that the subway was going the opposite way. I was also on the phone, which always makes it worse. Will I learn my lesson? Probably not. I just went back and showed the lady at the ticket booth Naver and she told me to go to 7/8. I mean it was kinda obvious that I had to do that, but I just wanted to make sure.

While on the subway, I fell asleep so I missed the stop. I ended up going to Byeongjeom station instead of Sema station. LOL. So, I got off anyways cause it was only the next stop so I was like, “how far can it be?”

Yeaaaah, too long.

I walked back and took the Korail back to Sema.

From the Sema station, Naver gave me the option to take the 9 or 31 bus. I tried walking up to the 31 but the dude told me no. Luckily, the 9 bus was at a red light. I ran over and the driver opened the door for me.

It was only about a five minute ride and then a hike from there.

The Fortress was up a hill and it wasn’t too steep. But it was tough. I’m also not in the best shape so that didn’t help AND it was hot (~13° C & 55° F). Along the road, there were a few restaurants and some nice houses. After about 15 minutes, I reached the entrance.

After huffing and puffing on the path for 12 minutes, I had FINALLY made it to the top.

I wish that the weather was better that day. And by weather I mean the pollution. It was foggy from all of the pollution 😢

The views were still great though. You could (kind of) see all of the apartment buildings and the city.

I wandered around the Fortress with my selfie stick for about an hour.

I came across a temple.

I sat down in a few spots to just take in the views and relax. After completing a full lap, I decided to make my way back down.

Going back down is always easier. The sun was still out but it got a bit chilly. I opened up Naver and tried to find a bus. This area was very rural so it was very difficult. I should have known.

I saw bus 9 and tried to go on but the driver said that he was not heading to Sema Station. I ended up going into a bakery and asking the lady who worked there and she just pointed me to the bus stop that I was waiting at for 20 minutes.

I walked out of the bakery and took a right. I decided to walk all the way to the station. It took about 30 minutes.

Looking back it’s kind of shocking that I’ve made it this far with all of my unorganized/unplanned journeys… I’m not complaining though. LOL.

Once I reached the main road, there were a few bus stops but I figured since I had already started my way to the station I should just go all the way.

I got to the station, I hopped on the Korail and went to AK Plaza. I went inside and treated myself to some Dozo Sushi then took the 80 back to Anjung.

My day trip was a success and very cheap. Next time I plan a spontaneous trip, I need to remember that I have to find a way back home though. LOL.

The Home Experience – Thailand


One of the nights when we were drinking with our friends at Landmark in November 2019, we all planned to go to Amphawa Floating Market in the province next to ours, Samut Songkhram.

Christina and I woke up and took a grab. Indria ended up waking up late so she missed our taxi ride.

We ended up meeting our friends Smart and Namkang there.

We were not feeling all that great so we stopped for some Pad Thai inside of the market and pushed our way through the crowd.

We ended up finding them and they showed us around.

We walked around for a bit. Walking along the river was so nice. The views were great.

Christina did the dunk tank but instead of water it was little balls.

We walked around for a bit and went to a cute cafe.

Smart lives about 15-20 minutes away from the floating market.

We ended up spending the night with them, his family, and his dog and cat. It was cute. We cooked some prawns, mussels, and other food and had a little shabu.

We listened to some Barbie Girl and Kung Foo Fighting and then slept on his porch with a mosquito net. It was a nice cool, relaxing night. It was one of my most treasured nights while I was in Thailand.

The next morning, on our journey back to Mahachai, we made a few stops along the way.

Our first stop was to a temple with Smart’s family. We ate a great amount of food.

The next stop was a bull cafe. The place was huge. This is where I learned the Thai word for sweat, cause I was sweating a lot. LOL.

Then we were taken to the Chang-Eng Siamese Twins Memorial in Maeklong.

Chang and Eng Bunker, the famous conjoined twins, were born in 1811 in Thailand (formerly known as Siam) and brought to the United States almost 20 years later.

The statue of the twins was really cool to see. I had never even heard of them until Christina enlightened me. It’s an interesting story.

Near the statue, there is a boat museum. The museum was being renovated so we only got to see the memorial.

Our last stop was another temple, Wat Bang Kung. It was a tree temple. Near the temple, there was a little farm. They had horses, goats, all those kinds of animals. We fed them. It was entertaining.

On our way home, we stopped for some food and got some beer.

The weekend was enjoyable and safe to say very memorable.

Seoraksan National Park

south korea

Another long weekend, another adventure.

Sokcho is on the east coast in Gangwondo.

I booked my Airbnb for February 27 & 28 on the Friday before work and finished packing when I got home. I stayed at The Red House in Sokcho which I booked on Airbnb. The location and price were both great: 30 minute walk from the park (you can also take the 7-1 bus) and $62 for two nights. Ahhhhh mazing.

I woke up around 6am on Saturday thinking I was going to get to the station and get the first bus out to Seoul. I ended up leaving my apartment about four hours after waking up. I walked to the bus station that’s about 15 minutes away and bought a ticket to Incheon. It was only ₩5000.

I waited and waited and then checked Naver again. There was a quicker route. I walked to the bus stop that was near my school, waited for the 98 bus and was off to Pyeongtaek Station. It took about 40 minutes.

Next, I walked around trying to find the station. It is kind of hidden and to the left of AK Plaza. Finally, I saw it across from Cafe Pascucci. I bought a ticket for ₩5300 to Seoul and was on my way.

The Express buses are cool cause they have their own lane. It only took a little less than an hour to get to the Seoul Express Bus Terminal.

I didn’t realize that there were assigned seats so I sat in a random seat. A lady came up to me and gave me a look. Whoops. I went to get up and switch but I think she saw my bags and was like no it’ll take too long. LOL.

I learned a few lessons on this trip. One is that you have to buy bus tickets ahead of time because the spots fill up quickly. This website is for the Express Bus Terminal though, which I learned on my way back. Also, to buy a ticket, you do need a Korean bank account. I did not have one at the time. Fun.

Luckily some of the spots kept opening up. I found a bus to Sokcho at 3:40pm. On the ticket it said 2.2 hours but it took almost 4.

When I got to the Sokcho Express Bus Terminal, I tried to give taxi drivers the address to my Airbnb but that didn’t work. I tried to take the bus but Naver was telling me that there wasn’t any information on bus 7, the one that I was supposed to take. I ended up messaging the Airbnb and they gave me the address and finally a Kakao taxi driver accepted my request.

신흥사 (Sinheungsa Temple)
김치 찌개

Right when my taxi driver showed up, bus 7 drove right on by and stopped at the bus stop. Of course.

I think it worked out better that way though because the bus would’ve taken around 45 minutes whereas the drive took about 20. It was only ₩13000 and I was EXHAUSTED.

The host was waiting for me when I got out of the taxi. He took me to my room.

The 김치 was yummy.

After settling in and cleaning up, I tried to walk to one of the restaurants near the bnb.

I say tried because my GPS ended up bringing me the opposite way. I was also on the phone with Indria so I guess multitasking is just not my thing.

I went back to the Airbnb and the hosts came out. The lady ended up driving me to 연탄구이. I got some 김치 찌개 (kimchi jjigae) and soju for only ₩13000. Indria and I had a nice virtual meal.

I went back to my room and had a nice sleep.

설악산국립공원 (Mount Seoraksan) opens at 7am and closes around 6pm.

I woke up around 8:30, went to get some breakfast at the main building for ₩5000 and was off to the park. I was there from 10-6. The admission fee was only ₩3500!!

View from the cable car ride!!

The Airbnb was only about a 30 minute walk to the park. You can also take the 7 or 7-1 bus. On the way into the park there is a 7-eleven so I stopped and got a snack. There is also a hotel, Kensington Hotel, which was much more expensive than the Airbnb was.

They also have a store inside of the park. It sells many things. I think I saw a few restaurants too.


The cable car was ₩11000 and it brings you up 670m. It takes about 5 minutes to go up to the top and it also operates every 5 minutes. Pretty convenient.

Once I bought my cable car ticket, I had about an hour to kill.

I walked to 신흥사 (Sinheungsa Temple) and to the bronze buddha, 청동좌불상.

To get to 신흥사 (Sinheungsa Temple), you can walk across 3 different bridges.

The scenery throughout the whole park was astonishing. Rock balancing was everywhere. I contributed a few times.

Little store inside the park

From the cable car stop, you can go to 권금성 (Gwongeumseong Fortress). It’s about a ten minute walk. The Fortress was built by Gwon and Kim (Geum) as a shelter for their families during the Mongolian invasion. The views were exquisite! You can see the city as well as the East Sea.

After taking in the views for almost two hours, I went back down.


There’s a map of the trails right outside of the cable car building and I took a look at that and chose my next destination: 비룡푹포 (Biryong Falls). It’s between 육담폭포 (Yukdam Falls) and 토왕성폭포 (Towangseong Falls). The map says it takes about 1.5 hours and it’s 2.8km (~1.7miles) to get to 비룡푹포, so about 3 hours round trip. There weren’t that many people. I made some friends along the way. Once we reached the top, one of my friends gave me a tangerine. How cute.

Not sure why I posed so awkwardly LOL

Once I got to the frozen 비룡푹포 (Biryong Falls), there was another trail that went to 토왕성폭포 전망대 (Towangseong Falls Observatory). From the observatory, you can see 토왕성폭포 (Towangseong Falls). I wish I could put into words how beautiful the view was. The pictures will have to do.

비룡푹포 (Biryong Falls)

The hike from 비룡푹포 (Biryong Falls) to 토왕성폭포 전망대 (Towangseong Falls Observatory) took another 50 minutes and it was HARD and steep. I am also not a regular hiker so I had to take a few breaks. Of course going back down took only about 15 minutes.

토왕성폭포 전망대 (Towangseong Falls Observatory) ft. sweaty me

When I started walking down the stairs back to 비룡푹포(Biryong Falls) my legs were shaking. That day, I ended up hiking for a total of about 3 hours. Even days later my legs were still trembling.

My day at the park was completely worth it.

After a long and fulfilling day, I went back to 연탄구이 and got 김치찌개 (kimchi jjigae) and some ramen. It was a nice meal for such an eventful day.

The next and last day was my journey back to Pyeongtaek. It ended up pouring so I did not feel like waiting for the bus. I knew it was going to rain but not that much so taking the bus was a no go. The taxi was another ₩14000 and I went to the wrong station.

연탄구이 was the Two Ladies Korea edition

Another lesson that I learned: there are two terminals in Sokcho, along with other cities. Sokcho has an Express Bus Terminal and an Intercity Bus Terminal.

Since the website from above is for the Intercity, I had to take another taxi from Express to Intercity.

The next express bus wasn’t until 1:50pm and it was ₩20300. I was there around 10am. As I was leaving the express station, I was like hmmmm did I make a mistake?

rock balancing everywhere!!

When I got to the intercity terminal, the next bus was at 12:25pm and ₩19700. Yay. I was starving. I booked it and stuffed my bags away in a locker for ₩2000. You could keep your bags in there for up to 24 hours.

Little did I know there was a cafe to the left of the building. 동명카피 (Dongmyeong Cafe) had bagels!!! I got a bagel and yummy hibiscus lemon tea. I love the lemon tea here because they put the lemon peel and it adds so much flavor. They also put a lot of sugar though, which I could do without but I am no barista.

The rain turned into snow. How fun. Snow just kept coming down. We were about an hour into the drive when the bus driver turned around. I had no idea what the dude said so luckily there was a nice lady next to me and we used Papago.

Since the bus ride on the way from Seoul to Sokcho took longer than the ticket said, I asked the lady how long Sokcho to Seoul would take. She said 2 hours and 10 minutes. I think I jinxed myself?

Sokcho to Dongseoul ended up taking 6.5 hours. Luckily as we got closer to Seoul the snow was turning into rain.

Once I got to Dongseoul, I found a ticket machine and looked for the next time from there to Pyeongtaek. It was 7:07pm; I had 3 minutes to spare. Right when I got on the bus, we left.

The beautiful sunset!

40 minutes later I was walking around AK Plaza and waiting for the 80 bus that was heading to my part of town.

I ended up getting back to my apartment around 9:30pm.

After two days of traveling for about 24 hours in total, and one day filled with hiking and walking, I was exhausted.

Was it worth it? Definitely. I also learned a few lessons while traveling so that’s always good too.

Mount Seoraksan was astounding. And that was only the part that I saw. The park is huge and spreads across Sokcho, Inje, Goseong, and Yangyang. They also have shelters throughout the park but I think you have to book ahead.

Since there are so many national parks in South Korea, I’m not sure if I’ll make it back to Mount Seoraksan again. The whole trip was unforgettable.

Khao Sam Roi Yot

It was HOT

Okay so I think this was my favorite vacation while we were in Thailand. I know I’ve said that before though 😆 It was such a relaxing and humble vacay.

Khao Sam Roi Pot is in the Prachuap Khiri Khan Province in Thailand. It is even more south than Hua Hin.

We took a van from Mahachai on a random weekend in September 2019. From there, we went to the van stop in Khao Sam Roi Yot. It only took a little less than three hours. After we landed at the van stop, we took a grab to Stella Resort.

This dude showed us around the cave

Our room had one bed so the owner gave us an extra mattress for cheap.

The first day we woke up bright and early and had some of the complimentary breakfast that included eggs, toast and some fruit. There was one other couple there. I guess the resort was pretty empty.

The resort had motorbikes so we rented two for the day for I think 300 Baht each? All we had to do was bring back a full tank of gas when we returned them. I drove my own bike while Indria drove Christina and herself. I live life on the edge.

Stella Resort

We hiked our way up to Sai Cave and Khao Daeng View Point all in one day. The park was huge so the bikes were definitely useful and worth it. Each hike took about an hour one way.

While riding through the park, we got to see some cows and monkeys along the road. So cool!!!

We got some yummy food after our long hike.

After venturing around the park all day, we ended up at Searchlight Bar. We got a drink and chilled.

This guy from the UK owned it and he had a mini library there.

Then, we got a cute little dinner and saw some more farangs. There was also a cat there so that always makes things better.

The restaurant was across from a beach. I got a salad because feta. It was raining, but it was still a spectacular view. The beach picture above with the bike was our view!!

Greek salad!!!

That Saturday night, we had a chill night at the resort. We bought some wine and drank by the pool. We played some cards and talked a bunch. It was a memorable night.

The Sunday that we left, the owner of the resort was so sweet, she called the van company and they brought us back to Mahachai.

Searchlight Bar
Pretty view from the resort!

We always said that we wanted to go back. When we visit Thailand again, that is going to be on the list, for sure. It was such a great mini vacay, I can’t wait until we go back and have another relaxing weekend at Khao Sam Roi Yot 😀

Unyang, Gimpo

south korea



김치 찌개 –>

Top: 참치마요 김밥
Botton: 새우김밥
Pizza School

I really loved Jules’ town. Her apartment is near everything and it’s so cute.

I swear there’s more to the town than food……

There were hair salons, bars, restaurants, an emart, and Starbucks all within about a ten minute walk. We met at Starbucks a few of the mornings before starting off our day.

There was also this pizza place called Pizza School. We got pizza the first Sunday that I was there and watched some Netflix. Underneath the cheese was some corn. Interesting.

Iced tea and some shrimp pasta from Starbucks.
Lox sandwich from Salady

One of the days when Jules had school, I went to this place called Salady. It’s a chain in Korea. Jules raved about it so I had to try it. It lived up to the hype. I actually ended up going there twice.

Tuesday night after Bukchon Hanok Village, I got some 김밥 (kimbap). 김밥 is similar to sushi but I think it is a little bit sweeter.

Fake meat wrap from Salady

I got 참치마요 김밥 (tuna) and 새우 김밥 (shrimp).

On my Wednesday night there, Jules and I walked to Gimpo Han River Wild Bird Ecology Park. The park was huge. There was a building where you could walk up and there were binoculars so you could see across the river and into Seoul. They also had a map for tourists. Pretty cool.

So much to do!

Jules, Charlie, Kylah and myself went to a restaurant after our stroll through the park and got 부대찌개 (Budae jjigae). YUM.

On that Sunday, Valentine’s Day, we went to Starbucks and before I left, we went to that same restaurant and got 김치 찌개 (Kimchi jjigae).

김치 찌개 (Kimchi jjigae) was exactly the way that I wanted to end my little vacay. It’s delicious and satisfying.

Indria’s Birthday @Hua Hin

Tuk Tuk ride to our hostel

Hua Hin is a district heading toward the south of Thailand in Prachuap Khiri Khan province.

The weekend before Indria’s 23rd birthday in 2019, Indria, Christina, and I took a mini trip to Hua Hin. Luckily, Mahachai had a van stop that went from there to Hua Hin. It only took about two hours and some change for us to get there.

Soi Bintabaht

From the van stop we took a tuk tuk to our hostel. We stayed at Baan Rajdamnern Hua Hin Resort, which Google says is closed now.

The hostel was interesting. It was right near Hua Hin Market Village. The room had three beds but the bathroom was in a separate part of the building so we had to walk outside to go there.

We went to the famous Hua Hin Soi Bintabaht Walking Street.

Along our stroll, we came across this place called Ibiza. We became friends with the owner, met random peeps, and played pool.

First night

The DJ was great too. We requested some Britney Spears, J Biebs, and a few of our other favorites then we got to jam out to them.

After it closed, the owner and some of his friends took us to this restaurant where we drank some more.

The next day, we had a beach day. Before we beached it, Indria and I found a Au Bon Pain because bagels. Au Bon Pain was always on my mind when we went to Bangkok or a touristy area because I was deprived of bagels while in Thailand.

My vacay sunglasses

After beaching it, we went to a restaurant on the beach and it was cute.

Our second night was just as entertaining. We tried to go to this Jamaican bar but it ended up being dead so we just stayed on the tuk tuk and went back to what we knew: Ibiza.

Jaidee celebration 🎉

Every single time we tried to venture off and try something new in Thailand, we were reminded as to why we stuck to what we knew.

We hung out with the owner again and met this group of bikers and they were chill.

When we got back to our hostel, there was this kitten that followed us upstairs. We sat outside on the bench and talked while I played with her 💕 I wanted to bring her inside but Christina is allergic 😔

The night of her actual birthday, which was a Monday, we went to Jaidee and then Whaz. The performer who was singing that night sang happy birthday and we got a cake. It was a nice lil celebration.