Wat Sam Phran


The 17 story dragon temple is in Amphoe Sam Phran in Nakhon Pathom Province. It is located north of Samut Sakhon so it was only a few hundred Baht and an hour-ish Grab ride away from us.

It’s also about 26 miles (~41km) from Bangkok.

On a hot November Sunday, we made our way there. We got dropped off at the wrong location so we had to get another Grab. Are you surprised??

The parking lot was empty.

Tunnel entrance

We walked around the base of the temple and viewed the shrines, then found our way inside.

And of course, I wasn’t thinking and I wore shorts so my knees were showing ahhhh.

I was grateful that they had thin sarongs that you could borrow for 20 Baht.

Since you don’t have to pay to get into the temple, we all donated some money and were on our hike up to the top.

The stairs led us to the tunnel. Inside the tunnel was tough and a bit narrow. It was a spiral way up and there were some fans along the way so that was helpful.

The first staircase after the tunnel led to the windows with a beautiful view.

There was another steep staircase and the views were even more stunning.

Another view from the top!

There weren’t that many people inside the temple either. I was shocked because we went on a Sunday so I figured more people would be there. Butttt, it was nice to not have to push our way through.

At the very top of the temple there are two bowls that you throw coins in. A guy was throwing the coins into the bowl and told us one was for good luck and the other was for happiness. It took us a few times to get the coins into the bucket but they eventually went in.

There is also a shrine (pictured below). You can purchase/donate flowers for the shrine.

You can also purchase the red ribbon and write your last name on it and tie it to the railing.
crab rangoons!

After going to Wat Sam Phran, we had a relaxing dinner at Riva Floating Cafe. They had one of my favs: crab rangoons. They weren’t like the ones back home, but they were still delish. We got some dessert and Grabbed it back to Mahachai.

7 thoughts on “Wat Sam Phran

  1. What an unbelievable temple, and such cool photos! This sounds like an unbelievable adventure. I’d love to return to Thailand once it becomes more accessible, thanks for the location inspiration

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sorry that you guys dropped off at the wrong location, but glad that you enjoyed yourself inside the temple. The photos are great, and the food looks delicious too.

    Thanks for sharing, Sara xx


  3. Omg! That looks awesome Maria
    You look like you are having a blast
    You look so happy
    We are in Fla having a blast!
    I’m starting to feel guilty having such a great time! Happy for you!

    Liked by 1 person

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