My 26th birthday in 2019 was my favorite birthday to this day.

The Friday night before my birthday, we started off at Mahachai Jaidee (of course). My birthday is on September 28th and that year it was on a Saturday, so it worked out pretty well.

We stayed at Jaidee until after midnight. They got me a cake and a few of them got me cute stuffed animals. It was a good time, as always.

We woke up wicked early for the start of our long journey to the old capital. Indria had to tutor so Christina and I went with our friends Mo and See.

The drive was maybe around an hour and a half to get there.

We jammed out to music and I got a little karaoke sesh in. I don’t think anyone liked my voice but I was having a grand old time.

Before we actually went to the Ayutthaya Historical Park, we stopped and had some food. We ate some prawns and some other delicious food (picture above).

We drove around and went to two different spots in Ayutthaya. It was really interesting to see the old temples and statues. It was heartbreaking to see people riding elephants though. Those poor things. 😢

Before leaving the historic town, we went to a cute cafe called Wiwa House Cafe. I ordered cha dam yen mai naam tan (black iced tea with no sugar), got some roti sai mai and played some Jenga. The roti sai mai tastes kind of like cotton candy. It was addicting.

On the ride back to Mahachai, there was some more karaoke and laughs (cause I’m hilarious). We got dropped off at our apartments and got ready for the night.

Ayutthaya was amazing.

Look at my little curly piece of hair

Later that night, a few of us English teachers went to Saan D Me Bar. It was cute cause my friends set up the table with birthday decorations. It was a surprise how cuteeeee. I got a birthday hat and some other sweet things.

After Saan D, we trekked our way to Jaidee and celebrated some more.

After Jaidee, a few of us went to Landmark. We sat and chatted for hours. That was one of my favorite weekends with some of my favorite people. I say weekends because we started off Friday night and it basically lasted until Sunday morning. We were driven home around 6am on Sunday #memz

Here are some pictures of our adventure (thanks to Christina for sending me some):

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