Khao Yai


Khao Yai was one of my favorite vacays. Of course, I’ll probably say that about every vacation that I will write about 😆 But look how beautiful it is:

We started off in Bangkok, just like every other vacation we went on because it was just easier. Our friend Jules lived in the south so she had to fly up to meet us.

Indria and I stayed in Mahachai on Friday night while Jules, Christina, and Indria’s sister, Jade stayed at a hostel in Bangkok. My friend drove me to their hostel the next day.

I think I liked our Khao Yai vacay so much cause we had our own wheels hehe. Christina rented us a car so that was fun. Anddd since we drive on the right side of the road in the US, it was strange being on the left side. I tried to drive because I wanted to see what it was like to drive on the left side and it was weird.

Our Air BnB was 23 Degree Condo and it was awesome. It was in a great location and it had a bath tub. Props to Christina for setting everything up. For every vacation.

Gym selfie

Our first night in Nakhon Ratchasima we went to the gym and walked around the complex. We got our little workouts in and then had ventured off to an Italian restaurant called Roma that had OK food. It was pretty expensive.

Cutie monkey

Since we were only there for three days, we had to get an early start. The next morning we were off to the National Park. Yay. 400 Baht later for us farangs and we were driving through the beauteous land. The views were breathtaking and the monkeys were cute but also a bit terrifying. The park was huge so it was good that we brought a car to drive around. We saw people bike riding which looked rough. There were many hills and curves so I couldn’t even imagine riding a bike throughout the park.

Thailand – US Friendship Trail

You can also camp at Khao Yai which is pretty cool. I’m not sure how much it costs but I think it would be worth it. Our friends camped there a few times and it looked and sounded enjoyable. I really wanted to camp there. We saw tents and cars along the side of the park. Maybe one day.

Haew Su Wat Waterfall is pictured on my main blog page and it’s at the top of this page too. It took about 40 minutes to drive there. Since we went to Khao Yai during the dry season in Thailand, it wasn’t that waterfall-y. It was still as pretty as a picture. It was also in the movie “The Beach.” Which I thought was so cool. I watched the movie for the first time before we went to Khao Yai because I had to.

We also saw Kong Kaew Waterfall, Khao Chiew Viewpoint and made it to Pha From Jai Cliff at 4,233 ft.


Khao Yai also has this trail called “The US Friendship Trail.” It was cool to see that. We weren’t able to walk it because it was getting late and the trail looked like it would talk a while to complete.

Sunday night we went to PB Valley Khao Yai Winery. I still love looking at the pictures that we took there because the place was so lovely. We sat down and shared a few bottles then we walked around the winery. We were able to bring bottles with us for the stroll. We trekked through the vineyard and found a footbridge. We found our photoshoot location. We were lucky enough to witness the sunset there. The sunset was purple and pinkish. I have yet to see another beautiful sunset as great as that one. It will forever be imprinted in my memory.

Miss you bud

When we were leaving there was this cute dog that was roaming the area. Obviously I had to take a picture with the little fella.


We had this cool friend in Thailand that we would hangout with every few months. His name was Tiger. He was such a chill guy. He ended up being in Khao Yai at the same time as us so we invited him and his brother to our Air BnB. We all got really drunk and stayed up late dancing and singing. That’s how things always ended up hanging with our Thai friends.

From left to right:
Me, Tiger, Tiger’s brother, Christina, Indria

The next day was our journey home. After making breakfast for my little children and myself, I made us grilled cheeses to bring with us on the ride home. It ended up paying off since we were running late. We stopped at Toscana Valley and saw a piece of Italy.

And then we were off to Bangkok. Indria and I had ourselves a little concert on the way home since traffic was backed up. It was entertaining. We also played categories. Jules almost missed her flight and Christina stopped the car in the middle of the highway. That was exhilarating.

Kinda horrible pic but oh well

After dropping off the rental car in Bangkok, we were on our way home. Yay. We took a taxi and an hour later we were all at ease.

Khao Yai was such a memorable trip, hence the numerous pictures that I posted on here. I do wish we got to see elephants. That would have made the vacation ten times better. But I will settle for monkeys.

If you plan on going to Thailand I highly recommend you spend a few days there. You will not regret it.

From left to right: On our way to the waterfalls, Toscana Valley, PB Valley, Khao Chiew Viewpoint, sunset at PB Valley, Pha Trom Jai Cliff, entrance into Khao Yai, on our way to the winery at PB Valley

2 thoughts on “Khao Yai

  1. Wow, you have a great vacation, though it was just for three days. The perfect sunset at the sea always stayed with you. I visited a place where the monkeys were on the roadsides, and It got scarier at times. Lovely photos, and wish you all the best for 2021.

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